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Ref 3000
Ref 3000

An experience with Ritchie is a highly Interactive, Intriguing and Enthralling performance and one of the most amazing live shows you will ever see.

Ritchie offers an incredibly astounding, yet candid performance of true mentalism that must be seen to be believed, Using his intuitive abilities to accomplish feats of Mind Reading, Predicting Outcomes and of course a healthy dose of subtle Psychological Direction thrown in for good measure.

An Evening With Ritchie The Mentalist is a performance that will undoubtedly leave you wondering if mankind has only scratched the surface of our potential, as he takes you on a journey through the wonders of the human mind!

Time and time again stunned audiences ask themselves “How does he do it?” He’s not a psychic. He’s not an illusionist. He doesn't use any magic tricks, employ audience plants, or use hidden ear pieces. So what exactly is he?

Find out for yourselves by Booking Ritchie the Mentalist for your next event.

Ritchie can perform a: 30, 45, 60 or 90 minute show depending on your requirements and is comfortable in any setting for any audience: STAGE, PARLOUR, CORPORATE, WALK AROUND, STREET PERFORMANCES, THEATRE, TV, PRODUCT LAUNCHES, OPENINGS, PRIVATE FUNCTIONS & DINNER PARTIES.

Please click HERE to see Ritchie in action!