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Caricaturist - Flash Entertainments

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Jeff undertakes caricatures for every possible occasion providing a tangible and humorous memento of your celebration. He usually works for approximately 3 hours but times can vary according to the clients wishes. Each caricature is made on A3 size paper taking approximately 3-4 minutes to complete. On the spot drawings are black and white but colour can be added on request.

Jeff is more than happy to accommodate the particular requirements of the client and as a result has worked in a variety of situations and locations. He is just as happy to make live caricature for friends and family at a 60th Birthday celebration at the top of the BT Tower as he is to capture newly weds tying the knot on ‘The Eye’ above the beautiful city of London. He has also produced lasting visual mementoes of The Lord Mayor and his guests amongst the exotic plants and birds of the Barbicans Conservatory as part of the annual Lord Mayors Show!

Jeff relishes any challenge, always producing exceptional artwork to exacting standards whilst engaging everyone around him, albeit on trains, boats or planes. Jeff has been commissioned by Eurostar, Orient Express, Virgin Atlantic and British Airways and has successfully entertained guests at a variety of events both nationally and internationally travelling to numerous capital cities including Dubai, New York, Paris and Kuwait for Planet Hollywood. He has entertained performers at the annual Brit Awards, produced quick sketches of celebrities on the red carpet at Leicester Square film premieres as well as creating satirical representations of The Speaker, MPs and their families at the House of Commons Christmas party!